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Brewer Detective - Worldwide Investigations


You want proof. You need evidence.
We can get it for you.

Remember—whoever controls the information controls the situation.


Brewer Investigations specializes in background checks, search for hidden assets, finding missing persons, child custody disputes, divorce issues and insurance fraud investigations. We provide executive protection and use undercover operatives to get you the crucial evidence that can make or break a case, and so much more. We satisfy your need to know and keep you informed along the way.

Wide Awake

We answer the phone 24/7. We follow the target anytime and anywhere. And we are relentless, until you get that critical piece of information.


Are Detective Services Affordable?

Brewer Investigations is cost effective and affordable. You pay for expert knowledge, no-nonsense skills, and hi-tech resources of an experienced investigator who will often quickly complete your case. We offer flat rates and a variety of payment plans. We save individuals, insurance companies, employers, and businesses millions of dollars each year uncovering fraud, reducing theft, catching thieves, and recovering assets.


Instead the question most on your mind should be: How much will my problem cost if I don’t hire a detective?


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