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Find lost relatives, friends, witnesses, Business Associates and Missing Persons


People Search


Life can go by quickly, and it’s all too easy to lose track of people who mean a lot to you. If this is the case, we can help. Whether it’s a high school sweetheart, an old Army buddy, a witness to a motor vehicle accident, a claimant or just about anyone else – haven’t you waited long enough?


At Brewer Detective, we take great pride in our ability to succeed where others have failed. Our skip-tracing and process service is second to none.


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People Search


People Search


We provide our clients with a high quality search each and every time. Once we receive the information from you about the person you are looking for, your case is assigned to one of our experienced search specialists. Our search specialists have access to many different public record databases containing more than TWO BILLION records. This allows us to provide you with the best possible matches for the person you are seeking. The information provided to you is always the latest information reported and contains last known addresses and possible phone numbers for the person you are looking for.


We also check the National Death Register (at your request) or print a possible relative list (at your request) free with a paid search.


Once we have completed your search, we make no attempt to contact the person you are seeking, this allows you to decide when and how contact is made.


We specialize in the most difficult cases. When other agencies have failed to produce results, we succeed! Results Guaranteed!


If you need to locate an individual or company for legal reasons, look no further. If they're out there, we can find them.