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Expert Investigators for Liability

Workman’s Compensations and Disability Claims


At Brewer Detective, we are entering our forty-eighth year as an industry leader in the area of insurance claims investigations.


Whether it’s Workers’ Compensation, automotive, personal injury or virtually any other type of insurance claim, our investigators average a staggering 90% success rate in obtaining the evidence you need to make an informed decision whether to approve or deny the claim, as well as prosecute for possible fraud.


With current economic stressors such as job instability, housing, gasoline prices and the state of the economy, fraudulent insurance claims are expected to rise as more people struggle to find a way to supplement their income. Some attempt to ‘cash in’ on incidents in their personal lives that have little or nothing to do with their claim.


While everyone is familiar with the results that mobile surveillance can produce for claims investigations, background investigations have long been an effective weapon in determining what's really going on with claimants. Everyone has a history, and with an Ironclad Investigations Background Check, you'll get the vital information that will not show up on camera.


InsuranceThis worker was collecting total disability payments from one employer while working full-time for another.














In recent months, we have seen:

  • A delivery driver who claimed a back injury made her work physically impossible. Our investigation found that she had been charged with Driving Under the Influence several days before her alleged, ‘work-related’ injury.
  • We found a young man who claimed total incapacitation due to a work-related injury; attending classes full-time at a trade school. He was expecting Workers’ Comp to foot the bill for his education.
  • An employee who claimed his job was causing psychological stress when he was actually in the middle of a bitter divorce and custody battle.


These are just a few examples of the thousands of claims we investigate each year. Information is your best weapon against fraudulent claims and we will do everything we can to get the evidence you need.


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Accidents And Personal Injury



Measurements, Photographs, Witnesses Located, Statements

Obtained and Circumstances Investigated






InsurancePersonal Injury Investigations




At any given time, there are literally hundreds of criminal organizations across the country, orchestrating and conducting elaborate motor vehicle accidents, hit-and-run incidents, slip-and-fall fraud, and a host of other fraudulent activities.


As the criminal elements become more organized and their schemes more elaborate, you need a firm with a proven track record of success in exposing these frauds for what they are. Don't become another victim of these criminals.


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