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Brewer Detective - Worldwide Investigations

About Us

The professional investigators at Brewer Detective pride themselves on being experts at this very difficult service. Perhaps you already tried a regular process server, but the subject is avoiding process. Perhaps the process server found that the subject has moved. We specialize in serving process to:


  • Evasive subjects
  • Remote locations
  • Hard-to-find subjects


From the moment we receive your request, Brewer Detective will serve your papers quickly and correctly. Same day service is available upon request. Our flexibility and techniques are unmatched in the industry.


All process servers are covered by extensive Professional Liability / Errors & Omissions Insurance. And of course Brewer Detective is insured and licensed by the State of Tennessee Bureau of Security and Investigative Services license # 00000022


Legal ProcessWe utilize:


  • Private Investigators who have run thousands of cases for our firm. These investigators are available day and night, weekdays and weekends, even on holidays, at no extra charge.
  • Private investigators only – no minimum-wage pizza men delivering process on the side!
  • Numerous proprietary techniques for serving evasive subjects.
  • For extra verification, covert cameras available: We have the ability to obtain an identification photograph or video of the subject at the same time that the documents are served. Imagine the look on the subject's face when they finally get served!


Our experienced investigators have obtained thousands of statements and are able to identify the essential issues while in the field, no "checklist" investigations! We are experienced in many aspects of investigation, including death claims, subrogation investigations, fraud investigations, accident site investigation and documentation, stress/psyche claims, and unusual circumstances. We will provide a thorough and accurate report, delivered in a timely manner. We maintain an awareness of decision dates and will provide you with the information you need promptly.



Legal ProcessAll statements are recorded and photos are obtained of the persons being interviewed, unless otherwise requested. Every claimant is asked to sign an Authorization for Release of Records. We tailor our investigations to meet your needs, whether you require a full AOE/COE Investigation including statements from the claimant and all witnesses and co-workers, a claimant-only or employer-only statement, or a limited statement pertaining to only one aspect of the case. We provide regular status reports to keep you informed and give you choices as to how the investigation will proceed, maintaining contact about case status and developments when needed.





Legal ProcessInterviews and Interrogation


Obtain Statements, Facts and Information We specialize in interrogation.


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  1. » Fast turnaround
  2. » Full and thorough investigation of claim by an experienced investigator (no "checklist" investigations!)
  3. » Includes written or recorded statement.
  4. » Includes transcription and/or statement summary.